Japanese Diapers

for cool moms and happy kids

The main features

Cotton based

The main composition of Japanese diapers is natural cotton that replaces synthetic materials in the absorption part, therefore, cases of rash or dermatitis are particularly rare, even if the baby skin is sensitive.

Eco Friendly

Only environmentally friendly and safe materials are used in production (do not contain formaldehyde, phthalates, and chlorine compounds). No unnecessary additives, such as flavors or lotions (even less synthetic ones) are used.

No chemical odour

An exceptional feature of Japanese diapers: they have no “chemical” odor which becomes especially pungent when diapers are full. Such odor-emitting substances or aromas for masking unpleasant smells are not used for the production of Japanese diapers.

High absorption

The amount of urine differs from one child to another but the absorption capacity of Japanese diapers reaches up to 12 hours, and the inside of the diaper does not keep moisture in contact with the skin.


Diapers for a day

Our philosophy is based on terms like honesty, quality and practice, more precisely, without too much philosophy. Thus, JapanEve aims to prove the quality of the products not in words but by testing, therefore it offers 5 FREE diapers to any parent in search of products clearly superior to those on the Romanian market.

Moony & Moonyman

Below you will find the Moony & Moonyman diaper collection. Try them and come back to JapanEve – Baby Shop if you still want to use authentic Japanese diapers for your baby.


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